abandon all hope ye robots who enter


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Article from Stern Online on 10/22/1999

Automatic Computer Translation

Translation by a Real Live Person

Plattmacher Out of Steel

He who enters, that would have would be all hope gone - that a suitable motto for "Infernolab", a Brutstätte genuine infernalischer robot. Service at the person and slave functioning in a production hall of hot the dim occupation outlooks that usually expect a poor industry robot. At the same time sticks much more in such a steel Kerlchen. To its real determination, the robot finds unleashed first as battle machine. At least the engineer who operates "Infernolab" believes that. "Rampage", "offered wants Eat Itself" and "Dr. pandemonium" of hot the creature of this Dr. Strangelove and such creations become on the Site of its master celebrated.

In the moment, the developer must yet 5000 dollars zusammensparen in order to release its new prototype, the einhundert kilo giant "Armed Forces", into the battle arenas. A rich Sponsor is sought therefore urgently, therewith the fellow with solid, doubles equipped will can displayed cutting edge burners. Perhaps then the Namenszug of the noble donor may decorate the hartmetallbestückten circle saws, with which "Armed Forces" thought take apart its adversaries.

Theoretical establishment for this hobby delivers find that "Society Of Robotic Combat", there enthused Newcomer connection to like-minded. One reaches offer" possesses the Mecca of warlike sheet metal-turtle on "Robot Wars" and also "Battle its attraction - at least for friends of bursting metal."

Steamroller Made of Steel

Abandon hope all ye who enter--this would be an appropriate motto for "Infernolab", a breeding place of truly infernal robots. Serving people and slave work in production halls are the sad prospects of occupation that an industry robot usually faces. However, there is so much more in such a thing made of steel. The robot finds his true destiny only as an unleashed battle machine. At least this is what the engineer operating "Infernolab" thinks. "Bot Will Eat Itself" and "Dr. Inferno" are the names of Dr. Strangelove's creatures, and such creations are celebrated on the site of their Master.

For the time being, the developer still has to save up $5,000 in order to release his new prototype, the 200lb-giant "Armed Forces", into the battle arena. Thus, a rich sponsor is needed so that the robot with solid, double cutting saws can be equipped. It might be that the name of the noble donor will decorate the heavy metal saws "Armed Forces" will use to take apart his opponents.

Theoretical reasoning for this hobby is given by the Society Of Robotic Combat, where enthusiastic newcomers find others to share their interest. The Mecca of metal turtle warriors is reached with "Robot Wars", but also "Battle Bots" has some attraction, at least for fans of bursting metal.

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