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 Composite Materials Image Gallery

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Pulling a carbon fiber cooking pan-shaped part from the Pyrex mold

2 pieces--note that one side has a shiny finish, the other dull--an effect of the bagging/curing process I used

Both parts were attached in a clamshell setup for the 12lb fighting robot Hell on Wheels

Carbon fiber panels with kevlar stitching armored Slugger's guts

Overpowered Box had carbon fiber panels for its top, bottom, and scoops

Missing Link's electronics box was shielded on 5 sides by carbon fiber armor

Missing Link's chainsaw gas tank was protected by 2 composite panels

Dr. Inferno's base: a layup of woven carbon fiber plies--super strong!


Autoclave in background, roll of carbon fiber in blue bag, cut plies on table ready for laying up into a panel

Vacuum bagged and tooled panel in the autoclave ready for curing

A set of slick carbon fiber panels

Bagged casserole part: yellow is vacuum bag, gray lines are putty tape to seal bag, white cloth under bag is breather, piece at bottom is vacuum port

Bottom side of casserole: carbon fiber plies showing through clear Pyrex mold, yellow bag splayed about. The beauty of a clear tool is that you can see if the plies are pushed flush against it

Bottom half of aluminum & silicone bonding jig. The 3 rows of holes accept fiber-reinforced teflon pegs & are used to secure the panel to be bonded in the center of the jig. 4 press-fit shoulder bolts in the corners are used to clamp

Jig opened up with a pair of panels to be bonded. 2 pairs of thumb screw-fastened sliders keep panels snug to pins, even if panels are of different sizes. Orange sheets are silicone rubber

Jig assembled and clamped with a pair of panels inside that are being bonded. Entire assembly can be placed in an oven for faster curing
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