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Justin Chou's washers, nuts, bolts, wire, and hot glue model of Towering Inferno

This was waiting for me on my pit table at BattleBots 4.0 when I came in one morning--what a pleasant surprise!

Jon Revelle sent me this cool model of Missing Link as it appeared in season 1.0 against Ziggo

Since it's missing 1 fishing sinker wheel, it's even accurate to Missing Link's TV performance!

Marc made a LEGO model of Missing Link, complete with working motorized saw!

Closeup of the weapon

William Griner made a sweet LEGO model of Towering Inferno--it looks so sinister!

And William made a big K'Nex version of Towering Inferno--notice the 3-in-1 oil behind! :]

Joeri de Dreu from the Netherlands made this Mini Inferno LEGO model

This Mini Inferno's better than the real one--the wheels poke through the top so it can run upside down!

Joeri also made a Slugger LEGO model--cool wheels!

I'd love to see this LEGO Slugger in action

Andrew Hewitt made a Towering Inferno model from K'Nex--cool!

Jon Revelle made a paper model kit to make your own mini Mini Inferno--he advises using heavy paper

Jon also did a Slugger paper kit--here is the body

And here is the arm template--print these out, cut them up, and stick them together!

Tyler Davis made a LEGO scene depicting Dr. Inferno Jr. fighting Backlash--guess which bot won?

Tyler also made a funky Towering Inferno model--I love the use of the pickaxe pieces!

George Hazard made many LEGO BattleBots, including Dr. Inferno Jr.

Note the recycled Double Agent body panel!

Four-wheel-drive, just like the real Dr. Inferno Jr.

George Hazard's LEGO BattleBots fight in this detailed BattleBox, which seems to use some K'Nex parts too.

George Hazard also whipped up a 3D model of Dr. Inferno Jr.

George Hazard also staged a complete fight between Dr. Inferno Jr. & Alpha Raptor, which I combined into an animated GIF.

My pals Jason & Matthew Vasquez, geniuses behind Splatter, made a complete set of BattleBots season 2 bot LEGO models! Click on the pic above to watch the build video.

Another LEGO mini model of The Disk O' Inferno, by super fan Daniel.

Another LEGO mini model of The Disk O' Inferno, by super fan Daniel.

Another LEGO mini model of The Disk O' Inferno, by super fan Daniel.

Our friends at Bot Bash Party made a party bot inspired by Dr. Inferno Jr.!


Russ Greene, who made Towering Inferno's fenders [so I guess he's not really a fan...], is a great sketcher & cartoonist too

Jon Revelle's Dr. Inferno Jr. cartoon--note the Raptor robot in the trash! :]

Jon again--this Towering Inferno prototype sketch even has all the right logos and such!

Jon's 2nd Dr. Inferno Jr. cartoon--this time Ziggo seems to have fallen to the Dr.!

Jon's at it again, with a "to do" list for Dr. Inferno Jr.

Hmm, Slugger seems to be making a popularity comeback--here's Jon's drawing of the sequel

Jon's drawing of Dr. Inferno Jr. in full patriotic garb

BattleBotsBoy (Richard Riley) made a marker drawing of Dr. Inferno Jr. with extra-fast flaming gear artwork

BattleBotsBoy (Richard Riley) also made a marker drawing of Towering Inferno, again with zippy flaming gear art

MasterMarik of YouTube made a flyer advertising a new RC Dr. Inferno Jr. toy!

Fellow competitor Lushan is a talented artist who published "The Girls of BattleBots", an anime series of female personifications of ABC Season 2 competitors, including The Disk O' Inferno. Love the suit!

MasterMarik of YouTube made another flyer advertising a new RC Towering Inferno toy. Collect the whole set!

EPHGraphix made a wonderful montage of me & The Disk O' Inferno. Hot!

George Hazard designed a mockup of a Hexbug toy version of Dr. Inferno Jr. That would be nice!

Richard Riley rounded out the marker series of the old Infernolab BattleBots & hand-delivered it to me at BattleBots 2019. Thanks!

Kelly Condon drew this portrait of Dr. Inferno Jr. in 2001, when she was only 4 years old! Also pictured are New Cruelty & Toe Crusher.

Gareth Jones drew this elegant portrait of Dr. Inferno Jr. Simplicity captures his essence!


Jon Revelle's sketch of superheavyweight Super Inferno

Tyler Davis made a paper model of Massive Inferno--neat!

Tyler's 2nd paper concept is a spinner: Disc of Flame!

Jon Revelle's concept of Crazy Inferno


Nanci & Dan Lien helped their nephew Daniel make a Dr. Inferno Jr. costume for Halloween 2001

He's even got the Infernolab slogan on back!

Cyril Fievet of robotslife.com sent me this slick Happy New Year image

Jake sent me an award for helping him with some bot questions over e-mail

Vinny made some fan art of The Disk O' Inferno

Vinny's art next to the tail

Coleslaw & the Barangoat have been creating famous fighting robots in the video game Robot Arena 2. They made an entertaining version of Dr. Inferno Jr.

The Disk O' Inferno & Towering Inferno appeared on Good Mythical Morning's search for robots appropriate for a tabletop fight. Our bots were a little too big for the to use. Aaaand, I'm really not sure what this show is all about, but it's got a huge set of followers & views, so I'm clearly not trendy (surprise).
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